Festival of The shoe

We are delighted to announce
the launch 
of the inaugural MSHS 
Community Cross Country Championships. 

Monday 2nd Nov - Friday 27th Nov

The House based Cross Country Championships will be open from Week 4 to the end of Week 7 and aims to help keep you active, healthy and connected. It is a community initiative and is open to current students, parents, staff and ex-students. So whilst we can’t have a whole school Cross Country Carnival, we can do it virtually! So get involved, get active and support your house! 



The Virtual House Cross Country requires participants to go for a walk, jog or run and record their time & distance. This information needs to be submitted through the MSHS Virtual Cross Country Submission Form.  House Captains will then regularly update the House leader board. 


Every kilometre you submit counts and time is not factored into the leader board. So don't worry about how fast you go and instead use this as an opportunity to keep active, connect with others and support your house! 


Overall House Champions

The MSHS Virtual Cross Country Carnival is a community House based competition and the total distance covered for each house will be tracked and displayed on a virtual race around Australia. It is open to students, parents, staff and ex-students! Parents & staff will just need to nominate which house they are in so their distance can be added to the tally. 

Friday House Point Activities 

To encourage participation there will be House based activities run every Friday to help boost house points. There will be a variety of activities that will be run on the oval, including a balloon race, conga line and a colour run at the end. 

Friday 6/11: Laps for Points

Friday 13/11: Conga Line

Friday 20/11: Balloon Race

Friday 27/11: Colour Run


Recording your run is simple, just use the MSHS Virtual Festival of the Shoe Submission Form



In the form you must submit the following information:

  • Name (First name and Surname)

  • House group (Cooleman, Oakey, Reef, Taylor)

  • Category: Year group, staff, parent or ex-student


To verify your run, please attach a screen shot of your time, run, or the map that shows your activity. An easy way to do this is to use one of the many exercise trackers available. For example Nike Run Club, Strava, Garmin Connect, MapMyRun, Runkeeper or through a wearable device such as an Apple Watch.


There will be QR codes up around the school which will give you access to the submission form. To use this function you are able to scan the code with your camera on your phone or with a QR code scanner app. 


You can submit as many runs or as few as you may like. The challenges will close on Friday 27th Nov (Wk 7).

Please note this activity is entirely optional. It is not compulsory and is at the discretion of families. Importantly have fun, stay safe and adhere to current health guidelines on where and how you can run!






House Distance Champions

*Final results are below. 

Thanks to everyone who participated!

1: Cooleman

2: Oakey

3: Taylor

4: Reef


905 km

613 km

499 km

398 km

Well done MSHS! Collectively we ran from the school to Cairns!! 

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